Strickland chronology

1827-1840  Nicolas Vigors and William Swainson use quinarian system to classify birds

1837 William Whewell’s History of the Inductive Sciences

1840 J.O. Westwood proposes “degrees” of affinity and analogy in Magazine of Natural History

1840 Strickland replies to Westwood that only affinity belongs in classification

1840 Strickland at British Association for the Advancement of Science in Glasgow gives talk “On the true method of discovering the natural system in zoology and botany” (I presume he showed his Map of Alcedinidae)

1841 Strickland publishes ditto

1842 Council of the British Association for the Advancement of Science appoints committee to draft rules for taxonomic nomenclature, chaired by Strickland. Members include Darwin, Westwood, Richard Owen, and George Waterhouse.

1843. Chart called “Natural Affinities of Insessorial Order of Birds” displayed at BAAS in Cork.

1844. Chart called “Natural Affinities of Class of Birds” displayed at BAAS in York.

1850 Oxford hires Strickland to teach geology

1853 Death of Strickland

1858 Memoir of Strickland’s writings, with copy of top of 1843 chart, published by his father-in-law William Jardine

1868 Strickland’s collection of birds donated to Museum of Zoology, Cambridge

1882 Osbert Salvin’s Catalogue of Strickland’s bird specimens

1892 Neice of Strickland’s widow donates papers to Museum of Zoology (likely including chart)

1990 or thereabouts, Gordon McOuat initates search for chart

2004 Chart sent out for restoration

2008 Restored chart returns to Museum of Zoology

2012 Mary P Winsor takes snapshots, Jamie Gundry makes high-resolution photographic collage